DLS Guidelines on EHS Management

We offer a safe environment to our employees and do our best to ensure a safe culture across the work environment through the stabilization of the safety and health management system.

DLS Guidelines on EHS Management

  1. 01

    All employees in Doosan and partner companies must comply with EHS laws and regulations and related principals. They must put EHS management guidelines and instructions into action.

  2. 02

    We build a safety culture that employees voluntarily participate in all EHS activities.

  3. 03

    We provide a safe and clean work environment with proactive EHS management.

  4. 04

    We raise safety awareness through continued EHS learning and training.

  5. 05

    We set up an EHS emergency response system to ensure zero accidents and zero disasters.

  6. 06

    We check, review, and promote implementations of EHS guidelines regularly.

  7. 07

    We advance EHS management activities through communication with stakeholders and transparency disclose them.

Kim Deok-hyun, CEO, Doosan Logistics Solutions

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