CEO Message

I sincerely welcome all of you to our website.

Doosan Logistics Solutions started off as Samoh Logistics Information after having been split from Samsung Aerospace Industries. Through ceaseless innovation and transformation, Doosan Logistics Solutions have led the warehouse automation software industry in Korea and, based on the partnership with global leaders in the field, Doosan Logistics Solutions have further bolstered our capabilities of offering integrated state-of-the-art logistics solutions.

Starting as Doosan Logistics Solutions in 2019, Doosan Logistics Solutions, as a system integrator, have broadened its business areas to total warehouse automation solutions by combining consulting service, software, and material handling equipment.

With uprising of e-commerce, there increases demands for a high speed, intelligent, laborless warehouse. Convergence of various material handling equipments and cutting edge SW technologies such as IoT, big data analytics and AI is required to meet the market needs.

Doosan Logistics Solutions wants to be an innovation partner that adds to customers’ business value through continuous communication with customers to understand their needs and via open innovation with different strong partners which can help us address those needs.

We will commit to fulfill our slogan of being “The Number 1 Logistics Innovation Partner” who provides THE BEST solutions for customers with innovative technologies and methodologies that others cannot try.

I hope you keep watching our continuous innovative attempts with interest and support.

Thank you.

CEO, Doosan Logistics Solutions Kim Deok-hyun