Doosan Logistics Solutions delivers the best of breed solutions in collaboration
with global partners.
  • Austria


    KNAPP AG is a global leader in offering both hardware and software for warehouse automation. Based in Austria, it has the largest market share in Shuttle systems. It has a network of 45 locations worldwide.
  • Netherlands

    MHS Group (VanRiet Material Handling Systems)

    MHS Group (VanRiet Material Handling Systems)
    VanRiet Material Handling Systems, headquartered in the Netherlands, is part of MHS Group. It is a global provider of sortation system, system engineering, and aftermarket services. Being a second-largest sortation system provider in Europe, it has clients in various sectors, such as consumer goods distribution, parcels, and 3PL.
  • China

    GEEK+ Inc.

    GEEK+ is the world’s top provider of autonomous mobile robots. It is a company of innovation, actively executing warehouse robotics projects with its clients in various regions, including not only China, where it has its headquarters, but Japan, Australia, Singapore, Europe, and the U.S. It has signed strategic alliance with numerous multinational companies in different industries, including e-commerce, distribution, automobiles, fast fashion, and pharmaceuticals.
  • China

    GinFon Group

    GinFon Group, based in China, offers highly efficient and flexible solutions for customers with its advanced sortation and transport systems.
    It has a broad product portfolio which encompasses diverse industries, including parcels, e-commerce, FMCG, and pharmaceuticals.
  • China

    ROBO Technologies Automation

    ROBO Technologies Automation, headquartered in China, is specialized in industrial automation and ASRS equipment. ROBO Tech-Log focus on developing conveyor, logistics automation software, and stackers. The company is building significant presence not only in China, but across the world.
  • Germany

    DAMBACH Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG

    DAMBACH, headquartered in Germany, specializes in medium/large-sized material handling systems. With more than 45 years of experience, DAMBACH provides pallet shuttle AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) and conveyor systems.
  • Taiwan

    Atop Technologies, Inc.

    Atop Technologies is based in Taiwan, and as a technology company, has been committed to developing pick-to-light systems for over two decades.
    Atop Technologies’ pick-to-light systems, built by the company’s own technologies, maximize picking productivity, speed, and accuracy in different environment, including ambient and cold temperatures.
  • Thailand

    T.P.S. Logistics Materials &
    Consultant Co., Ltd.

    T.P.S. Logistics Materials & Consultant
    Based in Bangkok, Thailand, T.P.S. Logistics Materials & Consultant offers consulting service to realize logistics automation with its over 35 years of experience of serving clients in warehouse automation, construction of distribution centers, and information system.
  • Vietnam

    GA Advisor Vietnam

    GA Advisor Vietnam is a consulting company which offers services in investment, finance & accounting, HR, tax, and ERP system. Along with the experts who have accumulated experience and know-how in different fields, the company helps its clients pioneer new markets with its multi-faceted consulting service.
  • USA

    Motion2AI, Inc.

    With the headquarters in the U.S., Motion2AI is a provider of warehouse control solutions for transport systems that combine computer vision and artificial intelligence. Its service focuses on optimizing both manned and unmanned vehicles.
  • USA

    Quality Software Systems, Inc. (QSSI)

    Based in the U.S., Quality Software Systems, Inc. (QSSI) focuses on developing advanced WMS with its specialty in designing and implementing systems for warehouse automation and inventory management. By providing innovative WMS, it responds to customers’ needs with agility and has grown continuously with a keen focus on customer value.
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