Three Blocks
The three blocks represent the “people” to which Doosan devotes itself, namely employees, customers, and all of humankind. The squares are angled to indicate forward motion, representing our aspirational spirit.

Doosan Logo

Three Colors
Blue symbolizes reliability and rationality, whereas green reflects warmth and compassion. The combination of the three colors signifies the harmony and balance among people, and the gradation from blue to green symbolizes Doosan’s vast potential for growth.

Spot Color PANTONE Blue 072 C
L*ab L 20 / a38 / b-78
CMYK C100 / M85 / Y0 / K4
RGB R0 / G24 / B168
HTML #0018A8

Spot Color PANTONE Process Blue C
L*ab L57 / a-37 / b-47
CMYK C100 / M13 / Y1 / K3
RGB R0 / G136 / B206
HTML #0088CE

Spot Color PANTONE Green C
L*ab L58 / a-7 / b2
CMYK C95 / M0 / Y58 / K0
RGB R0 / G173 / B131
HTML #00AD83
Clear Space
The logo should be surrounded by a clear space. A minimum distance equal to the height of the “D” must be allowed above, below, and to the sides of the logo. Maintaining this minimum clear space will ensure that the logo never looks too crowded or placed too close to other graphic elements.

Doosan Logo

Logo type
Whenever possible, the Doosan logo should be used with all of its components, including the three color blocks and white Doosan logotype. However, in applications with extremely limited space, such as on excavator arms, the Doosan logotype may be used alone. When used by itself, the Doosan logotype should never be rendered at a width of less than 14 millimeters.
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