Technical Support

One-Stop Customer Support


  • Deliver outstanding customer support by providing prompt response.
  • Manage historical data of customer support, including system failure.
  • 24/7/365 Supports.
  • Hotline service available to ensure maximum system uptime.
  • Secure spare parts to minimize the lead time of incidents.
  • Systematic before and after sales service to minimize incidents.

Maintenance Service

  • Regular Maintenance Service

    Our maintenance team carries out regular maintenance services to prevent a potential incident to run most optimal system conditions.
  • On-site Maintenance Service

    DLS engineer will be present at the customer’s site to act promptly in case of an operational issue.
  • Emergency Maintenance Service

    In case of a serious incident that requires immediate action, DLS expert will visit the customer site to resolve the issue within a shortest time possible.
  • On-demand Maintenance Service

    DLS engineers will conduct maintenance service at a mutually agreed time when a customer requests for maintenance service.
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