Material Handling Systems

Storage System
  • OSR Shuttle™

    • OSR Shuttle™ is a highly effective system with shuttles operating on each level, which can process over ten times more throughput than a stacker crane type system.
    • When integrated with goods-to-person systems, it can boost order picking performance.
    • Highly flexible system which can handle various sizes of totes and cartons.
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  • A-Frame Picking System

    • A-Frame picking system is a high-speed order picking solution that is suitable for standardized items.
    • It is widely adopted in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors. When it works with a vision system, it can provide automated inspection function.
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  • Pallet Shuttle AS/RS

    • Automated storage and retrieval systems for handling pallets with diverse shapes.
    • Scalable, for further increases in performance.
    • Maximum 45-meter high storage, Rated load: up to 1,500 kg.
    • High throughput rates up to 250 pallets per hour.
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    DAMBACH Lagersysteme
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