Material Handling Systems

Picking System
  • Pick-It-Easy Robot

    • The Pick-It-Easy Robot is a fully automatic picking solution which combines flexibility, reliability, and high performance.
    • It can handle a wide range of articles and especially designed for a retail distribution center. (It is especially ideal for healthcare and cosmetics industries)
    • The multi-joint arm robot equipped with sophisticated gripper technology can process a wide range of different articles.
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  • Goods-To-Person “Pick-It-Easy” Workstation

    • The Pick-It-Easy work station brings piece articles to the operator, so improves work productivity and labor saving.
    • It is equipped with diverse options to prevent picking errors.
    • Its ergonomic design minimizes the operator’s fatigue from long hours of operation.
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  • Order Distribution System

    • The order distribution system is suitable for B2B processes and designed to achieve low-cost and highly efficient picking.
    • Work platform is designed to reduce the operator’s fatigue and enhance productivity.
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