Material Handling Systems

Sortation System
  • Cross-belt Sorter

    • The cross-belt sorter is an intelligent system with optimized loading strategy, sorting precision and high control. The perfect integration between hardware and software ensures the highest accuracy of the sorting solution.
    • The high-quality of the components results in a robust system and the modular design allows various and different types of layouts, available in straight and curved sections, inclined, declined and stacked.
    • The modular design is scalable and may be expanded or configured to meet the customer's developing requirements.
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  • Slide shoe Sorter

    • The advanced slide shoe design creates optimal product handling characteristics for a high variety of products in which “gentle handling” is guaranteed.
    • Slide shoe sorter has a fully closed deck. This reduces the amount of dust, noise and pollution which can enter the sorter and prevents products from being damaged or getting stuck. The result is a higher sorting quality and less maintenance.
    • With 3 m/s the slide shoe sorter is the fastest closed deck shoe sorter on the market.
    • The modular design enables a large variety of customer specific designs.
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  • Pocket Sorter System

    • The pocket sorter system is an overhead sorting/sequencing system that uses pouches or hanger adapters.
    • The system adopts the unique matrix sortation algorithm, based on which items picked in diverse warehouse zones are put into a precise sequence and brought to a single packaging station.
    • This system is ideal for e-commerce and omni-channel applications, fashion and retail.
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